Wednesday, 17 October 2018 03:18

Bentleigh Manufacturing Gets A Global Boost

Global supply chain integration has received a local boost.

As part of its Boost Your Business Aerospace and Security stream, the Andrews Government has committed to providing financial support to a select range of Victoria-based defence manufacturers to partner with global defence companies and become participants in these international supply chains. These companies include Bayne Group Pty Ltd, Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd, Doen Pacific Pty Ltd, LRM Technologies Pty Ltd, RMR Engineering Pty Ltd, Tieman Tankers, Towers Group Pty Ltd and Uniform Safety Signs Pty Ltd. Cablex are the latest company to receive funding in this initiative.

Under both the Boost Your Business and the Victorian Defence Industry Supply Chain program banner, Cablex have received a committed funding boost from the incumbent State Government to partner with industry experts in order to position themselves best for the increased opportunities of the industry’s renewed drive for exports. Specifically, the grant will assist Cablex in fulfilling accreditation and compliance requirements. By fulfilling these measures, Cablex will be able to enhance their value proposition toward global actors and consequently increase their standing in the global market.

As a supplier of parts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program and Hawkei land vehicle program, Cablex’s funding represents a boon for the industry as a whole during its reorientation toward global opportunities.

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