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AGM and Holiday Drinks – 14 November 2018

Mark your Diaries – It’s Time to Celebrate! 

As we edge towards the end of 2018, it’s important to acknowledge what a year of evolution and growth it’s been for AIDN-VIC, undertaken to ensure we are agile and dynamic in our ability to support Members as they face challenges in navigating the Commonwealth’s Defence Industry agenda.

We’ve experienced substantive change across our business operations (from the establishment of a clear policy/ advocacy/ governance mandate, to a complete overhaul of our internal workings); there was our resignation from AIDN National and the subsequent formation of an incredibly strong national partnership through the Australian Defence Alliance; we’ve also revised the constitution; moved into new offices; had significant personnel changes; and have established previously unrealized relationships with both the State and Commonwealth Governments.

All of this is in addition to the 80+ Member visits/strategy sessions that have been had, and the day-to-day support of Members through policy submissions, information sharing, briefings, events, etc…

So with all of this in mind, we strongly encourage Members to attend the 2018 AGM and Holiday Drinks Party, to celebrate where we are and learn more about where we are going. More information will be available shortly regarding sponsorship opportunities and the agenda.

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