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EnGenius 2018

Are you interested in interacting with the next generation of engineers?

The RMIT School of Engineering is excited to announce EnGenius 2018. To be held on Wednesday the 17th of October at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between 9:30am and 12:45pm, the event is for RMIT engineering students to demonstrate their aptitude and skills that they have developed across their degree. 
Engineering students demonstrate these skills through submitting and showcasing a student project. Through either individual or small group work, students will approach a real-world issue through conceptualising and developing an engineering-based solution. Industry judges, each operating on a standardised-criterion, will review the student projects in order to decide on which represents the best and most innovative result.
We believe that EnGenius 2018 represents an exciting opportunity for you to network with talented and engaged students. As a judge, the projects will give you insight into the ideas and talent of a promising and talented cohort. Similarly, you will be able to present the potential opportunities of industry-related work to such a receptive and engaged audience. 

If you would like more information, please click here
To register as a judge, please click here 

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