Sunday, 24 February 2019 23:18

LaTrobe Valley Partnership Featured

ADA(Vic) is very pleased to announce its' partnership with the Latrobe City Council, whereby 21 regional business will be joining the ADA(Vic) network to highlight and promote the deeply experienced capabilities resident throughout the region. The pilot kicked-off on 21 January, with a three day-day visit to the Valley comprised of a defence industry overview briefing; individual site visits to all participants; the development of quad charts for participation at the Avalon Air Show (Latrobe City Council and regional business will be represented at the Victorian Government stand); and the beginnings of strategic guidance regarding industry contacts and programmatic relevancy for capability, globally. 

 ADA(Vic) is proud to enter into this long-term, sustainable relationship with the pilot's participants, and we look forward to ensuring that the expertise and excellence they have brought into the resources, energy, manufacturing, biotechnology, cyber, and transportation sectors (to name just a few) continues to be built upon and diversified across defence industry in Victoria; nationally through the ADA partnership; and internationally through global supply chains. For more information about the pilot please contact ADA (Vic).

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