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Policy and Advocacy

Ministerial Visits

As we enter into the new year, ADA(Vic), along with our partners from DTC and the Henderson Alliance, will be meeting with Ministers across both parties, with an interest in the Defence Industry portfolio. The intent of these meetings is to keep the highest levels of Government informed of ADA's national activities, the work being carried-out at local levels, and to ensure they are aware of the issues facing Australia's SME's in the dual-use and defence sectors. 

Defence Export

On 14 February 2019, ADA(Vic), on behalf of the national ADA partnership, will participate in the Commonwealth Government and Department of Defence's 3rd Annual Defence Export Forum. This is a one-say meeting exploring the Defence Export Strategy, the policies and programs put in place to support the Strategy, and an evaluation of the implementation and progress of the strategy.


Defence Policy for Industry Participation

On behalf of the ADA national partnership, ADA(Vic) recently provided a unified submission to the Commonwealth Government and the Department of Defence on the draft Defence Policy for Industry Participation (DPIP). The intent of the DPIP is to provide more granular breakdowns of Australian Industrial Capability (AIC) planning and guidelines.

We anticipate that as submissions are reviewed, we will be engaged by the Department for further discussion. 

Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy

The ADA is currently reviewing the draft Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy for comment and submissions into the Commonwealth Government and the Department of Defence. Our focus is to ensure that adequate funding and training opportunities are identified by the Commonwealth, to ensure the workforce capabilities required to enhance and grow our sovereign defence industry are in place. 

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