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Development Needs for Defence Industry Survey

Under the umbrella of the newly formed Australian Defence Alliance (ADA), AIDN-Vic is pleased to share the following opportunity to help inform on, and shape requirements for, the current and future needs of the sector when it comes to training.

In order to present the CDIC and other partners with the most informed guidance possible, AIDN-Vic and VDA Members are encourgaed to respond to the below survey, being run by the Defence Teaming Centre and in support of the ADA's mandate to provide a singular voice into stakeholders.This is where we all start coming together to improve SME success nationally.

About the Survey

The Defence Teaming Centre is canvassing its members and the broader Australian defence industry to identify the demand and location for defence industry development needs. The information will be used to shape the delivery of programs that meet the identified needs of our members and more broadly, defence industry across Australia. The Defence Teaming Centre intends to share the results, specifically the type of training, location and demand with the CDIC to highlight the needs of defence industry.

This is a short survey, comprising four questions and will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Participation in the survey is entirely anonymous, unless where stated otherwise; and we encourage our members and the broader defence industry to participate to ensure industry related programs and services are delivered where and when required by industry.

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