Friday, 29 November 2019 03:35

Next Generation Technologies Fund Opportunity  Featured

The Australian Defence Force is seeking research partners to enhance existing ISR capabilities.

To achieve this end, the Next Generation Technologies Fund is seeking proposals from industry and academia to undertake a program of research in Human and Artificial Intelligence Interaction.

Decision superiority enables the Australian Defence Force to make better decisions faster than an adversary. Automation is imperative to help analysts, commanders and warfighters deal with the overwhelming volume, velocity, variety and uncertain veracity of available information.

Research proposals are sought in the area of human-artificial intelligence interaction, with a focus on:

  • design of AI systems to collaborate with human decision makes in high risk, time critical environments
  • design of exploratory AI systems for interactive sense-making
  • design of distributed human and AI teams

Proposals that improve existing ways of working, or identify entirely new functionality are both encouraged.

The original article can be viewed here

Please note that proposals can be submitted via the AusTender website before 4:30pm on the 3rd of December 2019.

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