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Meet The Interns Featured

The Australian Defence Alliance is delighted to have two new interns working in our office as of late July. As with previous occasions, our interns are studying at Monash and are partaking in the Work Integrated Learning Program.

The Work Integrated Learning program provides students with opportunities to integrate academic learning with workplace experience. Monash currently work with over 400+ organisations across various industries and have always been great to work with in making the process of hosting their students as seamless as possible. 
Meet the ADA(Vic) Interns
Daniela - I came to find out about the ADA predominantly through Monash's internship program, but I'd also heard of it when I was studying terrorism at uni and did some research on the Australian Defence Force.
When it comes to my goals in the internship program, I aim to learn more about the defence sector and the people working within it (specifically their experiences and goals). It is a sector that I am considering pursuing further studies in as it greatly interests me - which is why I was so happy to have the opportunity to intern with ADA.

Georgia - I heard about ADA through the WIL program at Monash University, and was intrigued to learn more about SME's and the Australian defence industry, and how organisations such as ADA assist in supporting and integrating these businesses into the industry. As a public policy student, I am excited to work alongside experienced professionals to assist in ensuring that ADA's SME's are provided with the best avenue into the defence industry through policy review, media communications and liaising with different stakeholders and bodies. Overall, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of SME's and how policy can best support them. 
Prior to having our most recent interns, ADA(Vic) has benefitted greatly from hosting a number of students from Monash's Work Integrated Learning Program. We are glad to say that their time spent with us has given them a great understanding of the manner in which Defence interacts with Industry and the effects of Public Policy on the SMEs and their day to day operations. One such student is Josh Yuson who was finishing his Master's thesis while doing his internship at ADA(Vic). Josh will now be assisting the Victorian Defence Alliance on a part-time basis and is well on the way to forging a career in Defence. ADA(Vic) will continue to work with Monash as a part of it's Work Integrated Learning program to give more students the opportunity to gain valuable skills in the Defence Industry which transcend into many other areas. 
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