Wednesday, 21 August 2019 01:15

Pilot Progression alongside RMIT and VDA Featured

On Monday, 12 August 2019, ADA-Vic and RMIT, with support from the VDA, launched the first in a series of pilots, focused on creating engagement pathways between SMEs and Researchers.

The topic this time was Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and IoT. The intent of these pilots is to facilitate technically-relevant discussions, under the security of confidentiality, enabling both sides to gain early insights into challenges that have technical solutions; as well as to bridge gaps in understanding, access and communication that we frequently see occur between SMEs and researchers. Participants were chosen due to the relevancy of the topic to their growing business needs, and each was paired-off with researchers of immense knowledge in those domains. On top of that.... we got a fabulous tour of RMIT's Advanced Manufacturing Precinct and the Micro-Nano Research Facility!

ADA-Vic offers a tremendous note of gratitude to our partners at RMIT, from whom we receive the utmost support as we search for ways to better enable our members to gain new knowledge and relationships which will enhance their competitiveness. We look forward to the next round!

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