Tuesday, 21 May 2019 05:30

Federal Election Defence Industry Brief

On 16 May ADA(Vic) was happy to offer Members an opportunity to discuss the lead-up to the recently held election, and the various implications to the Commonwealth’s Defence Export Agenda and the Defence Industry SME community, with a briefing provided by Zackary McLennan of Lunik Communications. 
Lunik are strategic partners of the ADA national partnership and we were lucky to have them provide us with a breakdown of campaign promises, party intentions and a bit of expectation management depending upon how the votes tallied.

Now that we know that the Government isn’t due for a major overhaul, I imagine most of our SME community is breathing a bit easier, although it’s important to remember that Defence is still a long-term investment of time and resources and, as such, businesses must be prepared financially and emotionally to ride out programs with durations as long as 80 years.
A special note of thanks to Bill Cole and BDO for once again hosting us with such style

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