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G'day USA 2019

On 9 May 2019, ADA(Vic) CEO Claire Willette was invited by the Commonwealth to speak on behalf of the national ADA partnership at the 2019 G'Day USA Dialogue on Defence. Accompanied by Defence officials from both USA and Australia, Claire's panel, "Modernising with Allies - Budget Pressure and Opportunities for Ally Innovation" focused on opportunities and challenges for companies in the US to form partnerships with Australian SMEs, and specifically how budget constraints can act as a positive forcing function for commercial partnerships. Claire drove home the point that while, from a policy and governance perspective the conditions in the Australian Defence Industry

have never been more favourable for international engagement, there seems to be a lack of communication that adequately expresses the vast range of capabilities within Australia to which US companies can engage. There is a need to change the dialogue and add a renewed focus onto the relevance of Defence SMEs as opposed to the focus on Primes. 

Also at G'Day USA was a panel on US and Australian politics... a relevant topic leading into mid-terms and elections in both nations, moderated by the Hon Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the United States, and inclusive fo Rep Joe Courtney of Connecticut and the Hon Stephen Marshall, South Australian Premier...  a lively and collegiate exploration of politics on both sides of our great US/AUS alliance.

Leading into G'Day USA Claire was also in attendance at the Sea, Air, Space Global Maritime Exposition. Hosted by The Navy League, the Sea, Air, Space exposition is an annual event that brings together the US Defence Industrial base, the private sector, and key military decision makers. Sea, Air, Space is the ideal forum to represent the interests of the Australian Defence SME community and the ADA was happy to represent our combined Member companies, as well as SMEs from across Australia, in facilitating business engagement across the TDA. One of the key capabilities and commitments is to ensure that our members have the ability to understand the processes involved in exporting to the US and how to deal with US Primes. 

This will be an ongoing theme going forward and ADA(Vic), along with the Victorian Defence Alliance, DTC and the Henderson Alliance will continue to engage and provide clear messaging to ensure that Australian SMEs are not overlooked for potential opportunities in the USA. 

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