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A Message from the CEO

Exciting start to 2019 and opportunities on the horizon indicate a good time to reflect on how prepared your Business is.

There's something to be said about starting the year off with a flurry of activity and lots of momentum, and I believe it's been the case for most of us this year... I've yet to speak to anyone who's had a leisurely return to work post-holidays! 

Now that the immediate pressures of the ADM Congress and Avalon have passed, it's a good time for businesses to consider the pathway they are on, and whether it's proving effective.  Are you gaining the sort of traction you expected?  Is your messaging where it needs to be?  Have you established the contacts across the Primes and Government that you require?  For many of you the answers to these questions may be "No", and there's no shame in that.  When you hear myself, or the CDIC, or the Head of the GSC for BAE state that defence is a long road... well, there's a reason the message keeps getting repeated.  So the question is... what can you do to improve your visibility and market awareness?  How do you ensure you're more competitive?

 As your representative/advocate/advisor into the defence industry space, ADA(Vic) is here to assist you in understanding the changes you need to make; facilitating the introductions you require, and; aiding in strategy development.  We do it every day... and the good news is that it works.  The days of going it alone and hoping for the best when it comes to engaging the Primes are a thing of the past.  They have made it clear, in much the same way that Government has, that they want to deal in efficient ways and through centralised channels... and that's where industry bodies come into the picture... it is literally our job to ensure you have the best support, and the most knowledgeable advocacy, standing behind you (or even forging ahead of you!) So engage with us... we can only effectively help you succeed when we know what you need.  

The pace defence industry is moving at is only increasing, which means that you have to ask for the help when you need it; listen to the advice when it's given; work with us to identify the opportunities.  ADA(Vic) operates at both tactical (education, training, upskilling, networking, global supply chain promotion and capability development) and strategic levels (advising on business modelling, capacity building initiatives, strategic partnering, advocacy, policy development, government submissions, international collaborations, etc..).  Members have the benefit of attending events; learning how to optimise global supply chain opportunities, and being represented into Government by highly experienced advocates.

And that's just part of what we do...  you've got a wealth of experience in global defence and government at your fingertips... attend a "Doing Better Business with Defence" Seminar... learn how to improve your skill-sets and set yourself apart from the competition.  Join us for after-hours networking drinks at a "BD After Five Event"... maximise the opportunity to meet new contacts in a relaxed setting.  Make the most of the NATIONAL partnership we share with the Defence Teaming Centre and the Henderson Alliance, form relationships with their members and avail yourself of the commercial and defence opportunities that exist Interstate.  Learn more about the various partnerships and MOUs (i.e., Region Centre in France; Aviation Valley in Poland; Aviation/Aerospace Australia) we've established, globally, to increase your odds of finding opportunity, increasing your capacity and building your profiles.  Gain an understanding of why policy and advocacy are, in fact, critical to your success in this environment, and how to work alongside vs against the priorities of government.

There's a lot more to come for SMEs in 2019, make sure you make the most of it!

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