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Human Performance Week Featured


The Defence White Paper 2016 established "Enhanced Human Performance" as a key S&T theme for the future of Defence capability. Defence cannot meet this need on its own and is committed to nurturing the innovation community that has grown up around these important research priorities.
Human Performance Week provides an opportunity for Defence, academia, industry, and other agencies to come together to discuss human sciences research and its application.
In 2022, Human Performance Week brings together two events:
  • The Defence Human Sciences Symposium (DHSS), the principal Australian forum for those interested in the application of human sciences research to enhance Defence capability, and
  • The Human Performance Research Network Symposium (HPRnet). HPRnet is an established network of universities that draws together multidisciplinary teams from around the country who are co-invested in the delivery of significant outcomes for Defence. The symposium brings together existing network members and those with an interest in human performance to hear about the latest developments in human performance research for the military.
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