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2020 Defence and Security Symposium (8th of December)

Tuesday 8th of December @ 9am 


Deakin University is hosting this year’s Defence and Security Symposium!

Due to the continuing Covid-19 situation, it’s now virtual meaning anyone can attend... and it’s free of charge.

The half day symposium theme is Sovereign capability and threats in a dynamically changing world.

There is an impressive line-up of speakers.


Background to the event and registrations details HERE



The Defence White Paper recognises that a close collaboration between Defence, Industry and Academia is vital to the security of Australia.  In the process this collaboration also works to foster game changing innovation and commercialisation opportunities.

The Defence and Security Symposium (DSS) is an annual event which brings together participants from defence, industry and academia to exchange ideas and information and to connect with decision makers from Defence, academic researchers and industry capability developers.

This symposium aims to bring together subject matter experts from government, industry, and academic to discuss challenges and opportunities in establishing sovereign capabilities pertaining to Defence and Security for Australia.

The symposium topics encompass strategic and operational issues related to government priority, industrial complexity, and research intricacy on sovereign defence and security capabilities in the land, sea, air, space and cyber domains.  With rapid advances in smart technologies, the emerging and disruptive cyber-physical threats toward the established sovereign capabilities stand as one of the critical problems to be addressed.

During the symposium, subject matter experts will share expertise and experience, and shed light on policies, strategies, and technologies to undertake the near-, medium-, and long-term challenges in ensuring sustainability of sovereign defence and security capabilities of Australia as well as in defying the ongoing and imminent threats in today’s dynamically changing world.

Please register in advance for this webinar.


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