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Event: UK-Australia Cyber Security in Space (Nov 30 - Dec 2)


The UK-Australia Cyber Security in Space Workshop series, presented by the Satellite Applications Catapult and the British High Commission to Australia, will run from Monday 30 November to Wednesday 2 December, with one-hour online sessions each day and a virtual networking event to close.

These workshops are intended to encourage Australian – UK business engagement and awareness in Cybersecurity and to highlight the opportunities that this area presents in the International Space Sector. Through facilitated discussions with experts in the field, companies will gain knowledge of the current Space-Cybersecurity nexus and the associated cross-sector opportunities (collaborative and commercial) in, and between, the UK and Australia.

Participants will hear from Space and Cybersecurity advisors, Industry primes, and end users. With three speakers from both Australia and UK followed by facilitated group discussions in separate breakout rooms, attendees will be able to have meaningful discussions around the speakers’ experiences and perceptions and identify possible opportunities.

Supporting increased bi-lateral business to business engagements and guided by sector leaders, these workshops facilitate international collaborative partnerships and projects between the UK and Australia.


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Day 1: Space and Cybersecurity - The current Picture

Monday 30 November 2020 (0800 BST; 1900 AEDT; 1830 ACDT; 1700 AWDT)

This session will provide context to the workshop series by describing the current global space-cybersecurity conjunction, the types of threats that the space sector faces and the implications of a ‘do nothing’ approach.


  • Steph Lysaght - Consul General for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Patricia Lewis – Director, International Security Department, Chatham House
  • Rajiv Shah – Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute & Managing Director, MDR Security


Day 2: Space and Cybersecurity - What Needs to be Done

Tuesday 1 December 2020 (0800 BST; 1900 AEDT; 1830 ACDT; 1700 AWDT)

Following on from the scene setting in the previous session, this segment will explore national and international strategies to mitigate cyber related risks and create an understanding of the respective roles of government and industry in developing space-cybersecurity capacity.


  • David Livingstone – Director, Napier Meridian


Day 3: UK and Australia - Joint Capacity Building

Wednesday 2 December 2020 (0800 BST; 1900 AEDT; 1830 ACDT; 1700 AWDT)

The final session in the series will seek to identify joint UK - AUS pathways that can be exploited to build cybersecurity capacity in respective space infrastructures. A networking session will help join the right people to the right people from both countries.


  • Kevin McLoughlin – Head of Space Security, UKSA
  • Daniel O’Toole – Senior Advisor – Space Industry, Austrade / ASA
  • Steph Lysaght - Consul General for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania


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Speaker Biographies

Daniel O’Toole – Senior Advisor – Space Industry, Austrade / ASA

In addition to his role at Austrade, Daniel has also served as a partial secondee at the Australian Space Agency since 2018. In this capacity, he works on joint Austrade-Space Agency initiatives that help promote the growth of the Australian space industry through international market programs and opportunities.

Over the past three years in this role, Daniel has worked closely with both the Australian space industry to build international partnerships, and also helped international space investors understand the opportunities Australia presents.

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