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Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing Featured


AMGC has just released their new report, "Ten Ways to Succeed in Australian Manufacturing"

This report arrives at a critical juncture in the current economic climate. Our manufacturers responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with distinction. Now, we rely on Australian manufacturing to be one of the country’s heavy lifters in leading the economy out of recession and on to the road toward a solid recovery with greater capability.

This "Ten Ways" report aims to help manufacturers identify areas where they may want to seek extra assistance. It is arranged so that any of the ten recommendations can be used independently, or in combination, depending upon a business’s circumstances. It contains clear advice and local case studies to explain how to implement steps for change.

Australia can transition from being a lucky country to a smart country. We know that when Australian manufacturers ‘add value’ to a product or service it is greatly respected and becomes more globally competitive. Australian manufacturing carries a strong reputation internationally, it is a broad capability that cuts across all sectors, and now is the time to seize the momentum that is underway.

AMGC is enormously proud of its 2,500+ members’ efforts. This report reflects the achievements of successful manufacturers and we are pleased to share many of the winning formulas with you.


This report complements previous AMGC insights into what can make Australian manufacturing more competitive. It follows:

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